Who I am 


As the owner of the Liquid Filmproduktion in the heart of Tübingen, my creative and experienced team in media production and I transform your head cinema into moving pictures that move. Supported by a large network of experienced media professionals, I cover all areas in filmproduction, photoproduction and onlinemarketing  with my company.


We make films that communicate complex relationships in a comprehensible way and meet the heart and the head!





We are driving forward stories that may seem so small at first, but still leave a large and lasting impact on the viewer. The human being and his story is our focus. We count the content, not just the packaging.  


New perspectives, different perspectives, loyalty, fairness, cross-thinking as well as commitment and the courage also to go unconventional ways to go to the best possible solution is our way to suprise the audience and sometimes ourselves.


Short and uncomplicated, flexible, reliable and fun at work is important to us!



What I & what we do


Together with a large and longstanding creative network, we realize, the LIQUID Filmproduktion, communicative projects in the areas of Film, Photodesign, Commercial and Cross - Media. 


We surprise ourselves and move others! 


Under services on my company page you get a very good overview, which areas we cover in the media segment. 

We realize classic film, animations, unconventional cinemagraphs, photo productions and websites.


In web design, we are combining several elements (film and / or photo production with development of corporate design for your future webpage)

to a complete package.  


We operate as a full-service agency in the moving picture.


Through our and my longtime experience in education (lectures / coaching at schools and universities) and as an interface between production and postproduction, I offer technical and design solutions in media technology with my production company and as a freelancer.

This includes the selection of the film technology (cameragear) and accessories in the turning preparation, the use of codec and the look development with regard to the workflow in postproduction (editing / grading).


Coaching as well as advanced and further education with the integration of media pedagogical content and elements or easier:


How to implement step by step a movie?  


Due to my extensive knowledge and my experience in the education sector, I cover this service as a team member and / or as a freelance lecturer.

From theory to practice, both as a complete production (e.g., a video clip or short film) or as a partial production (editing / color correction / grading).



My work and the work of LIQUID Filmproduction 


Sustainable, Flexible, Short Ways, Loyal, Fair, Reliable and Uncomplicated.


Come in and feel good!


We live ideas, think in pictures, love stories and make movies. We think transversely and approach your wishes and ideas of a media production from different angles! 


It is urgent? 


Send me an E-Mail or use my contact form

And if you are in hurry just give me a call, I am loooking forward to!